Marblecake Makes DeFi As Easy As Pie

6 min readJan 24, 2022


Coin, pool, enjoy.

Wouldn’t it be great if DeFi were this simple?

Luckily, now it is!

Marblecake takes the complex out of DeFi. It is now super easy for beginners to join the fun. As simple as a vending machine, it requires no previous experience to use DeFi to the full. We make high-yield engagement easy, safe and fun.

The platform helps users trade, pool and stake crypto assets — 100% free of headaches and completely transparent. A burgeoning ecosystem, users maximize crypto profitability without much technical knowledge. It’s sweet and simple.

To deliver secure solutions, we build on proven concepts. Users can rest assured that the stack has been thoroughly vetted and funds are safe at all times. For former crypto sceptics, this makes for a smooth transition to DeFi not only for trading but yield farming too.

Decentralized Exchange

Marblecake’s centerpiece is the DEX (Decentralized Exchange). A Uniswap fork with some modifications, it helps users trade in a wide number of tokens with instant liquidity.

As an AMM (Automated Market Maker), the DEX applies the so-called Constant Product Model. This means that there is a constant balance of assets that determines the price of tokens in the liquidity pool. To provide an example, if a pool has MARBL and BNB, every time the MARBL is bought, the price of MARBL goes up as there are fewer MARBL tokens in the pool. Conversely, the price of BNB goes down as there are more BNB tokens in the pool. The pool remains in a constant balance, where the total value of MARBL will always equal the total value of BNB in the pool. It’s only when new liquidity providers add tokens to the pool that it expands in size.

Naturally, this begs the question what happens if the price of any one token veers too far off the market price? The answer is that the model creates an incentive for arbitrage traders to take advantage of the price difference until the balance has been restored.

Moreover, users trade instantly without sign-up. No KYC or identification is necessary. Simply connecting ones favorite wallet is all it takes. As a non-custodial platform, Marblecake never holds user’s keys. Users are in control of their funds at all times. This offers greater security and freedom than a regular CEX (Centralized Exchange) — there are no withdrawal delays or ID checks and Marblecake does not collect any user data

Our credo is: Anonymity, Autonomy, Agility.

Marble’s Magic World of Marble Pegs

Marble Pegs are Marblecake’s own stablecoins and derivatives. These crypto assets enable users to trade in otherwise costly third party assets. For example, you can appraise trades in USD without ever leaving the crypto ecosystem, and then use mUSD as a safe haven to store gains in.

Or, assume you’d like to get in on an ETH rally but are deterred by the prohibitively high Ethereum transaction fees — that’s where our mETH token comes in. You can trade it directly on the Binance Smart Chain, which is both faster and cheaper, and enjoy the gains from the Ethereum chain.

Marble Pegs are algorithmic assets whose prices are pegged to secondary underlying assets, the USD for example. By adjusting the supply, the price is constantly fixed and will only deviate minimally during times of increased volume. Upon launch, our primary Marble Pegs are mUSD (pegged to the USD) and mEUR (pegged to the Euro).

By deploying our own stablecoins we don’t rely on third parties. This gives users stable assets that perform as intended. To give you another benefit, picture this: The US Dollar is losing value due to inflation — of course, you’d like to have a word with the Federal Reserve. Not going to happen, right? With Marble Pegs, you can reach out to us any time. We are a grassroots project that is entirely community-based. This adds a layer of access between the user and Mablecake as the facilitator. In addition, we offer the best terms for the use of stablecoins.

Faster, Cheaper, Safer

Marblecake keeps transaction costs at a minimum. By deploying on the Binance Smart Chain, which has some of the lowest transaction fees, Marblecake is cost and time-efficient. With an average block time of 5 seconds, the Binance Smart Chain is the perfect match for high frequency trading.

Also, Marblecake’s fee structure is capped at 0.25% per trade. This makes it profitable for trades of all sizes. Whether you trade $20 or $200,000, the fees remain the same.

Yield Farming

Not everyone has the time to trade actively. The good news is that they can still make money — without the risks that trading entails.

Welcome in liquidity pools: By adding two pairs of tokens to a liquidity pool, users earn a passive income on every trade made in it. When they become liquidity providers, a so-called LP’s, users receive Marble-LP tokens. These tokens are similar to certificates and are used to withdraw liquidity either partially or in full. Currently, the pools pay 0.17% to LP’s — with increasing trade volume earnings can grow exponentially. Earnings are automatically added to the pool and LP’s receive their share when they remove their liquidity.

Plenty ‘o Cakes In The Oven

As Marblecake grows, new features will be added. Three features to be added soon include:

  • Launchpad
  • Yield aggregation
  • Cross-blockchain bridge.

The launchpad will help crypto projects to launch their token directly on the DEX. These IDO’s (Initial DEX Offering) add instant liquidity to the token, enabling investors to trade it right away. To illustrate the advantage of an IDO over an ICO (Initial Public Offering), picture this: During an ICO, the fundraiser receives funds for their token prior to listing it on an exchange. This creates a delay for investors until they can actually trade the token. Moreover, the risk of fraud increases during an ICO as the fundraiser could take off with the raised funds.

An IDO, on the other hand, adds several layers of security. Investors can trade their coins right away, giving them the benefit of immediate price discovery. Moreover, the IDO has liquidity and is listed right away.

Now onto passive income. While our DEX offers simple, profitable liquidity pools, we are hard at work to add some even cooler stuff: Yield aggregation!

Yield aggregation adds a new dimension to passive earning. At it’s core, it pools liquidity, stakes it and then ‘rents it out’ to the highest bidder. Users will earn bigger returns by getting the best placement for their liquidity. They don’t have to analyze different APY’s or vet platforms — Marblecake offers yield maximization on auto-pilot by placing tokens where they get the best return.

To on-board users and tokens from other chains, the bridge will act as a connector between them. This seamless integration will provide migration solutions for tokens from one chain to another. Cross-chain tokens will be thoroughly verified to ascertain security. As an EVM-based project, Marblecake will initially only bridge other EVM-compatible blockchains. These include Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom. This, however, does not rule out other networks. As our team grows and development continues, Solana and other non-EVM based chains are within the scope of bridging.

Making DeFi Beginner-Friendly

Currently, there are billions of potential users not yet on the blockchain. That’s a lot of un-coined assets. It’s due time to bring this group into the DeFi ecosystem.

Marblecake makes the on-boarding of newcomers easy. During 2022, we will launch campaigns to bring DeFi to convert new users worldwide. In cooperation with local entities, programs will be rolled out on a national basis. The areas we will target first are Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America. As emerging markets, these areas offer a great entry point in terms of adaptability and regulation. Among other things, the campaigns entail giveaways, sponsorship and bounty campaigns.

As the user base grows, so too the MARBL token will appreciate. This will help us fund subsequent projects that will stimulate adaption both of the platform and Marble Pegs. By simplifying the process, the industry will slowly go mainstream, opening the gates for many people previously deterred by the perceived difficulty in using DeFi. While most of them have heard of Bitcoin by now, many have not been offered an easy gateway to join the fun. Marblecake positions itself as the catalyst to change that.

Get Your Marbles & Start Baking

2022 has many exciting things in store. As markets will range for at least the first quarter, users are in need of yield farming. We are happy to offer a solution that fills this need perfectly.

Marblecake will go live on the 26th of February, 2022. Our native Marblecake token, MARBL, will be launched as an IDO on the same day. There will be no ICO or lockup period — MARBL can be traded instantly.

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